Fabulous Facemasks for Charity!

Fabulous Facemasks for Charity!

During the beginning of Lockdown, when our stores sadly had to close, we were a little stuck with what to do. We could sell online, but we had way more time on our hands than we would have liked. Watching many local businesses struggle with what to do next, we decided as a family we wanted to do something to help. 

So the ideas was to learn how to make face masks, and began creating tartan masks that were machine washable (keeping the environment in mind!). But we thought we could do a little more than just make masks....

Our local theatre, The Gaiety in Ayr, is a charity organisation that provides entertainment and education through the arts to Ayrshire - we as a family have loved their pantomimes and like to see young people being creative!

As they rely on ticket sales and kind donations but were unable to showcase live theatre we thought we could start raising money through the sales of the face masks...so that's exactly what we did!

The orders were coming in so quickly we all had to get involved, even Grandad Precious! In the end, we managed to raise a whopping £1,000 for the theatre - so thank you to everyone who purchased! I even made it to the local papers, who named me Sewing Bee Queen (super happy!)

We were so pleased we are able to raise money for our local theatre, and are still selling our face masks for the time being so please purchase one when you can!

With love, Rachel

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